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What is Competitive Purple?

Competitive Purple is a competitive cheerleading team.  Possible competition levels could include recreational, Level 1 or Level 2 All Star Prep.

What is the practice schedule?

Competitive Purple will have practice 3 days a week including a stunting and tumbling practice.  Actual practice schedule will be available after teams  have been formed.

How many competitions will they compete at?

Competitive Purple will compete at 5-7 competitions.  Some will be local and others will be out of town. 

What is the cost?

Competitive Purple financials have been finalized.  Please contact the gym to get financial specifics.

Competitive Purple's What to Know:

FOXC Competitive Purple

Competitive Purple is a competitive cheerleading team for athletes ages 7-14.  This team will compete at one of the following levels: recreational, All Star Prep Level 1 or All Star Prep Level 2.

A very high commitment level is required for this team by both athlete and parent in regards to financials, work ethic and attendance.

Competitive Purple team learns a 2 min 30 sec routine that will be performed at competitions.  Some competitions will be out of town.  Routine includes jumps, tumbling, dance and level appropriate stunts.

Competitive Purple competes against other teams in their division for a placement and overall titles.  

Practice schedules will be available once teams have been formed.


Preparation for all upcoming 2019-2020 competition/show teams start in our cheer/tumbling classes.  Click on Classes to register your athlete for a cheer/tumbling class today!

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