Cost to start a class:
$40 Annual gym registration charge
$70 per month* for 1 class per week

*1st month can be prorated based on when you start
Join a 2nd class for just $63 per month!!
Each class is 45 minutes long

See what's going on in the FOX den:

Beginner tumbling

Intermediate tumbling*

*must be approved by a coach to join*

Advance tumbling*

*must be approved by a coach to join*

Cheerleading classes

Strength & Conditioning

*Cheer Specific training for ages 9 and up*

Small class sizes allow for more one on one with coaches for each student.

Come see what being a part of the FOXC Family is all about!

What else we have to offer:

Jump lessons, Flexibility, Stunt Classes, Private lessons

Open gym                    Facility rental


Call or text 210-737-8888 to schedule your free trial class and join our FOXC family!!

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